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Colour Therapy is a new collection based on emotions and connections which draws you into each artwork.....

I am feeling so much joy and energy creating these artworks and exploring this new style that came about while experimenting with some different mediums and brushes in the studio this week. I am drawn to these colours as they connect with my soul and make me happy in a time where I feel we can all do with some happiness and colour in our lives. Joyous and free with a whole lot of energy and connection which I hope you can feel when looking at these artworks.  


Acrylic & Oil pastel 

Original Created:2022

60W x 60 H x 4cm D


Framing options available.

Please enquire:


Tel: 07483118819 (UK)

Hand signed by artist.

Certificate of Authenticity issued and signed by artist. 




Colour Therapy 1

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