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Introducing GoldenThreads, an exquisite line of metallic embroidery thread specifically designed for artists and creators. Made from the finest quality materials, each thread is carefully crafted to provide a lustrous and eye-catching finish to any art piece. With a smooth and pliable texture, GoldenThreads are perfect for adding intricate details and shimmering accents to paintings, sculptures, and mixed media projects. Available in a stunning array of metallic shades, these threads are sure to elevate your artwork to new heights of elegance and sophistication. Bring a touch of luxury to your creative endeavors with GoldenThreads – the perfect choice for artists who demand nothing but the best.


Original Created:2024

100W x 120 H x 2 D cm


Framing options available.

Please enquire:


Tel: 07483118819 (UK)

Hand signed by artist.

Certificate of Authenticity issued and signed by artist. 



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